How to Quickly Remove Packed.Generic.500?

Does your antivirus keeps popping up warnings about Packed.Generic.500 whenever you start the PC?
Are you searching for an effective way to completely get rid of the threat?
Does your infected computer start to perform weirdly?
Read this post and you will learn what Packed.Generic.500 is and how to remove it effectively.

What is Packed.Generic.500?

Packed.Generic.500 is classified as a Trojan horse which gets into people’s computer secretly and does great harm to computer systems. Do you know something about Trojan horse? In fact, it is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and win the conflict. The Greek warriors hided in the wooden horse and entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war. In computing, a Trojan horse refers to a computer program containing malicious code which tricks users into willingly running it. Once the malicious program is executed on the target computer, it carries out actions determined by the nature of the Trojan and leads to many problems, such as data lost or theft and possible system harm.

Packed.Generic.500 often invades your computer without your knowledge. It is difficult for you to notice its invasion. The Trojan is not easily detectable so some security software may fail to pick it up or delete all its components fully from the PC. Once installed, the Trojan creates new files and registry entries to the system in order to run automatically every time you start PC and perform malicious tasks. You may find certain processes take up a large amount of CPU and the network is used heavily. As a result, your machine will run slower and slower, sometimes even stop responding or crash. It may contact a controller and allow hackers to gain unauthorized access to your infected computer. The remote attacker can steal your important data and do other things he wants on your PC. Thankfully, this post will teach you how to get rid of Packed.Generic.500 , and how to repair the damage if the Trojan has already done.

Note: If you have no idea how to get rid of Packed.Generic.500 from the computer, follow the instructions below to effectively clear it. If you are merely computer beginner, we recommend you to use a professional malware removal tool – SpyHunter to solve the problem.

Danger of Packed.Generic.500

It can infect lots of PCs with Windows operating systems and other computers widely.
It may modify your computer security settings and disable the antivirus programs from working properly, which increases the chances for other infections to attack the infected PC.
It might hijack the browser hijacker and display constant pop-up ads, and even display phishing websites in the search results which causes your money loss.
It may connect to remote servers and download and install other malware on your computer, seriously compromising the infected system.
It may open a back door on the computer and enable the hacker to access to the computer unauthorizedly and steal your confidential information.

How to prevent your computer from being infected again?

This Trojan is a malicious, security-breaking program that is usually disguised as something benign. For instance, you download what appears to be a movie or music file, but when you click on it, you unleash the Trojan that modifies your computer settings randomly, sends your personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords to a stranger, or lets that attacker hijack your computer to commit illegal denial of service attacks.
To avoid being infected again, here are some suggestions for you to protect your computer from such cyber infections:
a)Don’t blindly download and install applications from the sources that you are not sure about.
b)Pay attention to the emails which contain files, especially executable files. Never open the attachments before you are sure what it is, even if the email is sent by a friend from yours.
c)Don’t think that the antivirus program can safeguard the PC against all cyber infections so it’s safe to visit those malicious websites, such as porn sites and gambling sites.

How to effectively remove Packed.Generic.500 from your computer?

Luckily, a professional malware removal tool – SpyHunter which is designed to quickly and simply keep your PC free from Trojans and other malware can help you get rid of Packed.Generic.500 completely. It does this by first of all scanning your computer’s hard drives. If it finds a trojan, you can remove the offending file/s from your hard drive quickly and easily. Therefore, when your computer is unfortunately invaded by the Trojan but the installed antivirus program cannot handle it, you can SpyHunter to clear the threat automatically or manually delete the files and registry entries of the Trojan step by step. It is suggested that those who are not familiar with computer use the former to erase the threat safely and fully.

Method1: Remove Packed.Generic.500 by using SpyHunter

Method2: Delete Packed.Generic.500 manually with several steps (For advanced computer users)

Method1: Remove Packed.Generic.500 by using SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a security tool which is able to easily detect, remove, and protect your PC from the latest malware attacks. If the regular antivirus programs fail to pick up or delete the latest viruses or Trojans on your computer, please try SpyHunter. Its malware detection and removal definitions are updated daily, which enables you to find out any newly threats and clean up them effectively.
Thus, when your PC is infected, follow the guide below to install the
Packed.Generic.500 removal tool
and scan your system for threats then remove them rapidly.
Click the icon below to download SpyHunter .


Save the file on your computer.

spyhunter-save file

Run the file and install it according to the instructions.


After installation, click Scan computer now to perform a scan of your system.


When the scanning is finished, select all the threats detected and remove them.


Restart your computer and the system will be clean again.
(Note: If you can’t download any software due to the Trojan, you can download SpyHunter by using another working machine. Then copy and paste it to the infected computer and have it installed to scan and remove the threats.)

Method2: Delete Packed.Generic.500 manually with several steps (For advanced computer users)

In addition to the auto removal guide above, you can also remove the malicious Trojan manually by deleting its files and registry entries from the PC by yourself. But please note that the manual removal method requires you to have enough computer knowledge and skills. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the system seriously if you delete some vital files by mistake.
Step1: Restart your computer in Safe Mode.
For Windows 7/Vista/XP, to enter Safe Mode, restart your PC then press F8 key repeatedly before the Windows 7 splash screen appears.


When Advanced Boot Options screen shows up, use the up and down arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode. Press Enter to proceed.


For Windows 8, press the Windows key + C, and then click Settings. Click Power, press Shift key on your keyboard and then click Restart. Click Troubleshoot and click Advanced options.


Click Startup Settings and then click Restart.


Press 4 on your keyboard to Enable Safe Mode. Windows will start in Safe Mode.


Step2. Delete the files created by Packed.Generic.500.
First of all, you may need to change the Folder Options settings to show the hidden and protected files because the Trojan may create its files in hidden folders.
For Windows 7/Vista, click Start button, go to Control Panel , go to Appearance and Personalization and click Folder Options .


Click the View tab, under Advanced settings , click Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK. If necessary, uncheck Hide protected operating system files .


For Windows 8, access the Control Panel and type “folder” into the search bar and select Show hidden files and folders.


Click on View tab and under Advanced Settings locate “Hidden files and folders.” Select Show hidden files and folders just below that. Click OK.


The search for the files of the Trojan and then delete them completely.
Step3. Delete the registry entries created by the Trojan.
To open registry editor, click Start button, type regedit in the search field and press Enter.


Next, click on Yes when you are prompted by the UAC (as showed below)


When the Windows registry editor opens, search for the registry keys or entries generated by the Trojan and delete them.


Step4. Restart your computer in normal mode.
After all the components of the Trojan have been erased, reboot your PC in normal way and the Trojan will be gone.


Honestly, it’s not easy for users to fully remove Packed.Generic.500 manually because they may fail to delete all its hidden files. So the Trojan can reoccur after the infected computer starts up. Since the Trojan is so harmful and tricky, it’s not suggested that you delete it with the manual steps above. The most effective way is to use an excellent antivirus program like SpyHunter to scan for PC and remove all the malicious files of the Trojan thoroughly.

Don’t know how to remove Packed.Generic.500 from your computer? Want to protect your PC from various cyber threats? Download and install a powerful malware removal tool on your computer to clear the infections and protect your machine from now on!


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